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Unlike many web sites you may visit today, BRIDAL MART is a well known, highly advertised retail store authorized by major bridal designers and manufacturers to merchandise their product lines. In fact you can find us listed on many of our major manufacturers own web sites. Your order is being sent directly to our order department in our 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Burlington, N.C. and will be processed within 24 hours of receipt by experienced store personnel.
Since we deal directly with major advertised manufacturers please use any of the nationally distributed magazines such as Modern Bride, Brides, Elegant Bride, Bridal Guide, Etc. However you must know either the manufacturers style number or the magazine name, issue date, page number and designer.
Delivery times vary greatly. Please allow 2-16 weeks for your bridal or bridesmaid gowns. Occasionally wedding dresses may be available sooner. Contact us if you have a special request, we will try to help you.
Due to the tremendous volume and purchasing power we have due to our retail store, we can offer 1st quality brand name apparel for much less.
We inspect all the merchandise we send to you for style no., size and color. Our manufacturers guarantee us 1st quality dresses. If you discover a problem once you receive your dresses and it is a manufacturing defect it can be replaced as long as you notify us immediately and give us adequate time to remedy the situation. If it is a sizing problem it can only be remedied if the garment does not approximate the manufacturers sizing chart. Replacements can only be to the original size, style and colors ordered.
Once we receive your order, for your protection, we place it immediately with the appropriate manufacturer. Once placed, we cannot recall your order and must accept it and pay for it ourselves. Therefore, orders are not cancelable or exchangeable for style size or color.
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